JK Newsletter May 17th, 2024

What a fun week in JK! We learned all about Planets, and the Cicadas have hatched! We will have a blast for the next weeks collecting them in bug boxes ….endless fun!

Fun things to ask your child:

  • What planet is closest to the sun? (Mercury)
  • How do Astronauts sleep in the space shuttle?
  • Did you hold a Cicada?

Religion: We are admiring Mary and talking about the Rosary. If you would like to send in some flowers for our Blessed Mother, please do so and we will put them in a vase in the classroom.  We also have been talking about our many feeling.  Happy, Scared, Sad, and Shy are what we have talked about so far, we have 3 more emotions for next week.

Literacy: Your children are growing in so many ways, but especially in their ability to recognize POPcorn words! They are so proud!  

Math: We will continue our work with numbers, graphing tallies and dice!

Science: We will be learning all about BUGS next week!

Other important reminders:

  • Please bring in a baby picture of your child! Thank you to those who have already done so…we will be playing a “Guess who” game with them.  We will make sure you get them back. 
  • June 5th will be our last full day of school. We will be celebrating our fun year together  with a Bubbles and Donuts party. If you would like to donate munchkins or fresh fruit that would be greatly appreciated.  Please send me a email, and I will put you down:)
  • June 6th will be our last day.  We have 9:30 mass, and 11:00 dismissal for summer.

Have a great weekend!

The JK Team