JK Newsletter May 19th

This week was out of this WORLD, pun intended:) We had beautiful weather for recess, learned about Planets and Space, and read a found some hilarious tongue twisters that your kids loved and understood, because they are smart and master rhymers!

A few things to ask your children:

  • Is the sun a planet? (nope a star)
  • Which planet is hottest? (Mercury)
  • Coldest planet? Neptune
  • How many planets are in the solar system? (8 and  5 dwarf planets)

Religion: Show God’s love to everyone is our song this week! Along with praying to Mary multiple times a day.  These kids love to recite their prayers. Do you have a morning, before bedtime, dinner prayers?  We will be putting together a prayer book in the next few weeks, they kids really love to pray!

Literacy:  Your children are growing in so many ways, but especially with their POPcorn words…it, is , and, in, see, I, be are a few! I hope they all read their Space color book to you yesterday, they were quite proud!

Math: We will continue graphing, tallies. dice and more!

Important dates

June 6th: We will be having a Bubbles and Donuts party! We would love a parent volunteer to drop off  munchkins, and some cut up fruit for morning snack that day! Please email me if you can donate fruit or munchkins:) 

June 7th: The kids will be getting a hot dog lunch thanks to FSA! They will be dismissed for summer at 3pm! If your kids don’t like Hot Dogs,  please bring a lunch for them:)

The JK Team