JK Newsletter May 24th, 2024

What a great week! Thank you for sending in all the baby pictures! It was so fun to see all you children as babies! We will have them up in to play a guessing game with them, its going to be a blast!  They have all grown so much this year, you should all be so proud!

We learned all about different bugs this week! Cicadas (of course;) but also the Fire fly, Butterflies, Bees and the Praying Mantis.

Ask your children which was their favorite and why?

Your children have yet to grow tire of collecting cicadas at recess! A few of the kids were nervous about them, but they were brave and proud to hold one and say, ” Look, I’m holding my 1st Cicada”! It has kept them very busy, building them homes and returning them  back with their families when recess ends.

These little bugs have taught our kids how to be brave,  compassionate, and considerate of others who aren’t as fond.

Next week:

We will jumping into “All things summer”! We will be reviewing things we learned in JK .   We have an all school Foam Party on Wednesday May 29 from 1:30-2.  

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

The JK Team