JK Newsletter November 11, 2022

Another great week in JK! It has really been a pleasure getting to know your children!
I hope they are enjoying their time with us as much as we are with them!

Play is such a important part of development at the JK age! We incorporate play into our day through recess and free choice time! The life skills of negotiating games and playing well with others are all things we want our kids to practice and understand! 

Some things you can ask your children about this week are:

  • Who was the flag holder, line leader , prayer leader and caboose?
  • What is the thankful pumpkin? What question were you asked?  
  • What fun turkey fact did you learn today? Do they live in Alaska or Hawaii??

Religion: We will continue to talk about all of God’s blessing this month and things we are thankful for! 

Literacy: Reading to you children is one of the best indicators of future reading success.  We read books everyday in our classroom, and hope you are at home as well! We will be learning /z/ and /w/  in Jolly Phonics. Please ask your kids to show you the hand motions for a few of the following letters: s,a,t,p,n,c,k,e,h,r,n,g,o,u,f,j,l.  They are so GOOD at doing the motions!

Math: We will continue to do graphing and patterns in calendar and centers along with number recognition and printing!

Social Studies/ Science: We will continue to discuss the Pilgrims and the Native Americans and how Thanksgiving came about!

Mark Your Calendar…. Christmas show December 20th 9:30

Have a Great Weekend! 

The JK Team