JK Newsletter October 13, 2023

We have been enjoying the Fall weather, the fresh air does us all good! Even on rainy days we are able to walk around our school grounds and enjoy the the fall changes. Please make sure your child has a coat with the changing temps.

A few talking points to ask your kids from the week?

  • What color rice did you dye ? Orange, green or purple?
  • What else is in the sensory table beside the Halloween colored rice? 
  • Whose name was picked for the PBIS ticket pull this week?

Religion: God is a very abstract concept for young children to grasp.  Seeing God in the little things each day is important to point out. Like rainy days are good for the animals, and plants and thank you God for giving us rain! The same can be said for a beautiful sunrise or sunset.  

Literacy: Jolly Phonics this week will be /r/ and /m/. We are having lots of fun with Halloween letter games.

Math: The children are doing great with patterns, graphing and tally marks each day! We are still learning how to form our numbers properly. We have  number poems that help us with that. 

Science/ Social Studies: PUMPKINS! We will be doing lots of science activities with Pumpkins.  We will be learning the life cycle and doing different science experiments with pumpkins as well! Please bring in a small pumpkin for some math and science fun.

*If you would like to receive a phone call about your child’s progress in JK, please email me a day and time and phone number that is best to reach you!

Have a wonderful weekend!

The JK Team