JK Newsletter October 27th, 2023

This month has been full of learning and hands on activities that have been all things Halloween! 

A few talking points for your child:

  • Did your pumpkin sink or float? How much did your pumpkin weigh?
  • What game did you play with your buddy?  
  • With Red Ribbon week in mind, what can you eat to keep your body and mind healthy?  What activity can you do to keep your body and mind healthy?

Religion: We will be attending church this week Wednesday for All Saints Day, and Thursday for All Souls Day.  Saturday night is the Bonfire at St. Cletus and Sunday is the Family Mass at 10:30! We hope to see you there!

Literacy: Our Jolly Phonics letter this week are “O” and “U”.  Please continue to keep practicing rhyming words and sounds at the beginning of the words. The kids also have motions for all the letters we have learned thus far as well! The best practice for future reading success is reading to your children often.  Dr. Seuss books are full of rhyming words.

Math: Counting and number recognition is always our focus. We will also continue working on patterns and number games.

Science and Social Studies: Pumpkins! We have been learning about the life cycle, and doing fun little math and science fun with them as well! 

PLEASE NOTE.. weather is a high of 46 next week! Please send with coats, hats and gloves!! Thank you!

Have a great Weekend!

The JK Team