JK Newsletter October 28, 2021

We had a great time celebrating Halloween in the classroom today.  This month has been full of fun learning and hands on activities that were all things Halloween!

A few talking points to ask your child about:
  • When you did the candy corn experiment, what happened when you put the drops of vinegar on the baking soda?
  • Did the pumpkin sink or float? What other items did you test in the water for sink and float?
  • What happens to candy corn when put in warm water over time?
Hard to believe we are diving into November when the kids come back on Monday!
We will be focusing on November, Thanksgiving , Gratefulness,  and how blessed and loved we all are.
Religion: We will being attending church on Monday with our  7th grade Buddies at 9:30 mass.  Thanksgiving will also be our focus this month.  So much good  all around us. We are truly blessed!
Literacy : Our Jolly Phonics letters this week are /L/ and /f/. Please continue to practice rhyming words and sounds at the beginning of the words. The kids also have hand motions for all the letters we have learned thus far as well! The best practice is also to read to your children often!! Dr. Seuss has tons of rhyming words.
Math: Counting and number recognition is always our focus. We will also continue working on patterns and number games.
Science/Social studies: We will take this month of November and talk about Thanksgiving and all things fall!
Thank you to those who came out to the car parade today.. the kids really enjoyed it!!
Have a wonderful and safe Halloween weekend!
The JK Team