JK Newsletter October 28th

Halloween is around the corner and excitement in the air!
We had a great week of learning and Fun! We enjoyed an authors visit from Megan Dagnino who wrote Witches Brew. The kids had a blast, and are still singing the song.
Her website is http://www.witchsbrewbook.com/                       If you would like to order the book, watch her read it, or print coloring pages. All so fun!

A few talking points to ask your children about!

  • When you did the candy corn experiment, what happened when you put the drops of vinegar on the baking soda?
  • Did the pumpkin sink or float? What other items did you try?

Hard to believe we are diving into November next week! We will be focusing on being Thankful, Gratefulness and how Blessed we all are!

Religion: Thankfulness will be our theme. So much good all around us. We are truly blessed!

Literacy: Our Jolly Phonics letters this week are /l/ and /f. Please continue to practice rhyming words and sounds at the beginning of the words.

The kids also have hand motions for all the letters we have learned thus far as well! The best practice is also to read to your children often!!

Math: Counting and number recognition is always our focus. We will also continue working on patterns and number games.

Science and Social studies: We will take this month of November and talk about all things Thanksgiving and fall!

Have a wonderful weekend!

The JK Team