JK Newsletter October 6, 2023

We are now 6 weeks into the school year and seeing lots of friendships being made, and social emotional growth in all of your children.
They are finding their own voices, while using their manners and treating their friends with respect and kindness.  We have focused on showing compassion to others for PBIS this week, and hope they are showing it at home to their siblings too!

Pouting, crying, and tattling are all common at this age. We are guiding the children to problem solve by using their voice and work through it with a friend.  And, most importantly, to think how the other person may be feeling!  These are life skills that will go along way.

Some things to ask you child about:

  • What object did you get to add to the water for, “Will it Sink and Float”? 
  • What did you get to add to the Fall Pot outside our doors… Mums, gourds, or the Scarecrow?
  • What do you like best about Calendar time? 

Religion: God asks one thing of us and that is to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. We look at ways God shows his love each day. We will talk about the Golden Rule, and continue to find ways good shows his love for us.

Literacy: This week in Jolly Phonics we will be learning letters /e/ and /h/. Please continue to practice beginning and ending sounds.  This is an important early reading indicator.

Math: We are doing graphs, patterns, and number formations each day! We also have dice and number match games.

Science: Pumpkins and everything Fall!

I hope your all able to take some time this weekend to get out and enjoy the change of seasons. We have lot of amazing trails in our local Forest Preserves. Graue Mill and Little Red School House are close by.  They have beautiful trails for the whole family to get out and enjoy the fall!

Have a Great Weekend!

The JK Team