JK Newsletter September 16th

Happy Friday! Today is our first Pep Rally! They will be recognizing all the sports teams at St. Cletus in a fun spirited event! Our kids got together with their 5th grade buddies to make those Cardinal hats to show their school spirit.  What a fun Friday!

Religion: Thank you to those who sent their family pictures in.  We will be putting these pictures in our classroom along with a drawing from your child to remind us that are families are special and we are so loved!

Literacy: We will introduce the letter /c/ and /k/ next week.  Please help your child find these letters as you read together, or simply looking at signs while driving in your car.

Math: We are working on graphing, tally marks and number poems!

Science: We are on the look out for signs of the seasons changing!

A few reminders:

  • Grandparent’s/ Special Person  day is next Thursday. Be sure to turn in your form if your child is attending.
  • We have no school next Friday, teachers have a Staff development day.


Have a wonderful weekend!

The JK Team