Jk Newsletter September 22, 2022

Happy Fall! I hope you enjoyed the Grandparents/Special Friends mass today!
Its not too late to send in your family picture to go with your child’s drawing. The kids love looking at their families! They are so LOVED!

I hope your children are sharing our day with you at home! Some things you can ask them are :

  • Who was this week’s line leader?
  • Who was the caboose?
  • Who led prayer?

These jobs change weekly, but they always look forward to it!

Next week is All about Apples and we have a fun week ahead of us!

Literacy: We are working on the letter “H”  and “E” in Jolly Phonics. We will be reading the story of Johnny Appleseed and so much more!

Science:  The life cycle of apples.

Religion: We will be learning about the Saint Days of St. Vincent and St. Michael this week. We will also be going to Mass on Tuesday at 8 am with our buddies.  Mrs. Jacobs and I love to see our families at church! Be sure to say “hi” or wave if you see us!!

Math: We will be sorting, graphing, matching apples and numbers.

Few Reminders:

  • The weather is starting to turn, please make sure your children have coats for recess!
  • Please send your child with their favorite color apple by Wednesday!

Here are the few pictures from the week!

The JK Team