JK Newsletter September 29, 2023

Another fun week in JK… It was busy! We had a lot of fun with Apples. Between tasting a Carmel apple, making homemade apple sauce, learning about the many different parts of a apple,  and most importantly… how to pick a apple:) 

Thinks to ask your children:

  • Who was the line leader?Caboose? Flag Holder?
  • What was your favorite part of  the new play structure?  The slide,  fireman pole, or climbing chain?
  • Did you earn a ticket this week for PBIS? 

Literacy: We only focus on the 26 letter sounds in the Jolly phonics program.  The children will get more into the blending of sounds in Kindergarten.  Next week we we will be reviewing the letters we have learned so far with fun games! We have done: s,a,t,i,p,n,c and k.  Please ask your kids to show your the action sounds for these letters. 

Religion: This week we learned about the feast days of St. Vincent De Paul, and St, Michael and the feast of day of the Archangels. We took a church field trip to see the Saints around the church.                                                                                                                                          Reminder: We have 8 am mass this Tuesday. Also, Pet Blessing Wednesday October 4th at 4pm! Bring your furry friends:)

Math: We are working on our numbers at calendar time.  They are also learning patterns and how to tally and make a bundle!

Science: All things fall! Using our senses to take it all in.

Social Emotional: Learning how to treat others and be a kind friend is a big part of our program. We are really working on manners, and helping the children learn how to be self sufficient.  Please help reinforce this with your children at home. Every morning they put their lunch, snack and water bottle in a special spot. We also have a 3x’s try rule with opening their snacks.  They are SO proud when they do it on their own!

Have a Wonderful weekend! 

The JK Team