JK Newsletter 12/10/21

Hope this email finds you all well and into the holiday spirit! These kids have been working very hard on their “good deeds” and on the Christmas performance!


  • Monday, 12/13 we have our all School mass at 9:30 for Our Lady of Guadalupe. We would love for you to attend if you are able to sneak away!
  • December 21st 9:30 is our Christmas performance in the church.

We have some beautiful weather on the way, and will be outside for recess all next week! Please make sure your kids have hats and gloves!

Religion: Next week brings us to week 3 of Advent! Is your child being helpful at home? The kind deeds that the kids are doing is our gift to Jesus on His birthday! Helping set the table, making a bed, putting laundry in the hamper are all good deeds and easy chores that your 4/5 can help with. They are so very proud to tell the class and a piece of “straw” to the manger for Baby Jesus on His birthday.

Literacy: We are reviewing letter sounds and practicing our Jolly Phonics actions for each sound. We are also still doing our phonemic awareness each day.  Hearing the sounds in words, taking words apart and rhyming will be the focus for these next few weeks.  Word families will come in the new year!

Math: Patterning and graphing are a fun way to develop number sense. We do this in calendar and center time each day!

Science/Social Studies: Next week will be doing a  Science experiment. We made some crystallized ornaments by dissolving salt into water. Your kids really enjoy Science and especially experiments!

As always, please reach out if you ever have any questions!

Enjoy the pictures, and have a great weekend!

The JK Team