Kindergarten Newsletter, October 6

Upcoming Events/Mark your calendars:

  • Monday, October 9: NO SCHOOL
  • Tuesday, October 10: 8am Mass, doors open at 7:45
  • Wednesday, October 11: GIRLS bring in a baptism memento
  • Thursday, October 12: Field trip Day!
  • Friday, October 13: BOYS bring in a baptism memento; Vision and hearing screening day

This Week:

It was a busy week.  We had a fire drill, picture day and two presentations–one on dental health and the other on kindness.   The dental presentation was filled with lots of laughs and the kindness presentation was mesmerizing for the kids as it had a robotic elephant. The kids have also had a blast getting to use the new playground this week.  We typically use it at the end of the day during free choice–1/2 the kids play outside, 1/2 the kids play inside and then we switch. Don’t forget, gym shoes only, please!

We started our unit on baptism.  We belong to TWO families.  Our families at home and our church family!  We became a part of the church family on our baptism day.  Take time to go over pictures, share stories, etc. of your child’s baptism.  Things to discuss:

  • Who are your child’s godparents?
  • What did your child wear?
  • Was there a celebration afterwards?  Presents?  A cake?
  • How did your child do during the baptism?  Smiles? Tears? Snoozing?

See the religion section below about how we will wrap up our baptism unit next week.

Next Week:

I’ll post new boom cards this weekend!

Thursday is field trip day!  Please dress for the weather. Students will be allowed to purchase an item or two.  The money used will come from the $10 fee you already paid so do NOT send your child with extra money. Students should come to school as usual.  They should bring backpacks, their regular snack and regular lunch. I’ll send a reminder email the day before we go!

Field trip chaperones: Murphy, Biamonte, Malec, Coklas, Wryroba, Ayala, Hernandez

Language Arts:

Next week, I will be sending the kids home with their first two printable sight word books along with some reading tips and book suggestions.  Look for that, likely on Friday.

  • Current word wall words: a, do, go, I, no, yes, the, to, we, will, yes; Next week I will introduce LIKE and we will be reviewing all the other words.
  • Super Kids: we have finish A for Alf and will be moving on to D for Doc.  Doc uses a hammer to fixes things, so we will be making a hammering motion with our hands while saying /d/ /d/ /d/.
  • Centers:  We will be practicing letter formation of C, O, G, A and D. We will practice reading and writing our current word wall words. We will be reading a new sight word book called “We will go”; we will be listening for beginning sounds and words and showing with magnetic letters and write the room.  The kids are doing SO WELL with write the room.  They’re now writing not just a label, but a full sentence: “I see the flag,” “I see the clock,” etc.  The purpose of the center is to be able to read and recognize the word wall words I, SEE, THE, to practice writing from left to write, to recognize letters make up words and words make up sentences and to strength fine motor by writing on their tummies.  We accomplish so much with write the room because they’re moving around the classroom and that helps them get the wiggles out, while also increasing writing stamina.

Math: We have started Chapter 3 in Go Math. Aside from working in our workbooks, the children are rotating through their math centers.  We are working on number recognition, counting, teen numbers, patterning, tally marks and more.

  • Tally marks: tallying numbers up 10 remembering to “make a bundle with 5” and “circle groups of ten”.
  • Number formation: I have no introduced ALL number poems.  Just a reminder, poems can be found Number Poems  It really helps the kids to form their numbers correctly.
  • Counting to 30: We are practicing counting to 20 and are being extra careful with “13, 14, 15”
  • Ten frames: representing numbers 1-10 on a ten frame. We have introduced the “double ten frame” and are starting to show numbers 1-15.  We are learning that numbers 11-19 are, ” 1 group of ten with ___ ones left over”.  We are trying to become more automatic with recognizing numbers on a double ten frame.
  • Comparing numbers 1-15 and naming them as less than, greater than or equal to.
  • Counting by 10s.  We will begin to practice counting by 10s.
  • We will work with number pairs to make numbers 6-9; we will do this with counters.

Religion: We will be wrapping up our unit on BAPTISM.  Here is what I am asking:

On WEDNESDAY, GIRLS, please bring in a baptism or religious memento.  This might be a candle, a picture, an invitation, etc.  BOYS, please bring in your memento on FRIDAY.  If your child was not baptized, please bring in any special religious memento-a bible, a rosary, a religious book, cross, etc.

Science: We will begin our unit on healthy eating/apples. This unit will last about 2 weeks. Next week, we will be discussing fruits and vegetables and describe them as growing above or below the ground.  We will be learning about where food comes from and how it ends up in the grocery store. We will learn about Farmer’s Markets  before we head to the La Grange Farmer’s Market on Thursday. We will hear from a representative from the Farmer’s Market on Wednesday.