1st Newsletter, Kindergarten, August 25

Upcoming Events/Mark your Calendars:

This Week:

This is where you will find our newsletter!  Begin on the St. Cletus school website, go to CLASS PAGES, then KINDERGARTEN and click on the NEWS tab.

A few other important things to note:

  • Gym is on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Your child should come to school wearing gym clothes and shoes.  If you don’t have gym clothes yet, just wear athletic clothes.  Gym shoes should be worn every day.
  • Kids should come to school with FILLED water bottles every day. Make sure it has some kind of spout/straw, not a twist off.

What’s Due:

  • Hot lunch: if you choose to order your child hot lunch, be sure to do so now.  Here is the link: https://www.wholesomefoodservices.com/ School hot lunch is OPTIONAL and takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Choose “lunch #1” for kindergarten. School hot lunch is not the best time to try new things.  Be sure your child likes what you order otherwise we end up seeing a lot of waste.
  • “What’s the buzz on your child” survey:  This went home in the beginning of the year packet. Be sure your child turns this in to the “important papers tray”.
  • Headphones:  please purchase over the ear headphones (no buds, please) and standard 3.5mm jack.  Something like this, but doesn’t need to be these exact ones: Headphone link. Please purchase within the next couple of weeks and send them in.  Label the headphones with your child’s name.  They will be stored in individual pouches in our classroom.  I’ll explain what these will be used for in the coming weeks.

This Week:

Routines, routines, routines!  We have to get those down before we can really dive into more fun and learning.  Use this newsletter and the pictures I post to help you ask your child questions about the day.  Hopefully with a little background (newsletter) knowledge, you can get a little more than “I played” or “nothing” out of your child :).  We are so busy learning, playing and having fun, there’s always something to talk about!

Here are a few questions to ask your child about the first three days of kindergarten:

1.) What’s the first thing you do when you walk in? (backpack in the chair, open up folder, check for important papers, lunch bag on top hook, backpack on bottom, sign in at smartboard)

2.) What questions has Mrs. Mahr asked for the morning question?(do you like dogs? do you like cats?  are you excited to be here?)

2.) What do you do after you sign in?  (Whatever the picture says next to the morning question.  So far, we’ve had dry erase sleeve practice and morning STEM tubs)

3.) What are some of the rules when you are eating snack and lunch? (tummies tucked to the table, NO getting up, pray first)

4.) Tell me about center time. (we rotate through different activities including building corner, listening center and other ‘tub centers’)

5.) What is “free choice time?” (children get to choose where they play; 4 kids at each free choice area)

Next up…our first FULL week of kindergarten!