Kindergarten Newsletter, April 24

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

  • Tuesday, April 30: 8am Mass

Looking Ahead:

  • KINDERGARTEN Mother’s Day Tea: Friday, May 10th from 10:15-11:30. You should have received your official invitation last week!
  • KINDERGARTEN CELEBRATION: Wednesday, June 5, 10am.  The celebration will be about 1 hour.  Students are dismissed to you after the celebration!

These are two events you won’t want to miss, so mark your calendars now!

This Week: We had a great time on our field trip!  We kept it butterfly themed as we are getting VERY excited about our growing classroom caterpillars. We should be seeing chrysalises any day now!

Math: We will continue chapter 9 with “hexagons” and “rhombuses” next week.  The focus is being able to name the number of sides and vertices, or corners.


  • Counting by 1s to 100.  Practice at home!
  • Counting by 2s to 20. Practice at home!
  • Counting by 5s to 100. Practice at home!
  • Counting by 10s to 100. Practice at home!
  • Addition AND subtraction using dice, dominoes, whiteboards, manipulatives, magnetic numbers and more!  Our goal is to FLUENTLY (automatically) add and subtract within 5 and be able to use drawings, fingers, etc. to add within 10.
  • Recognizing numbers 1-100.
  • Breaking numbers 1-100 down into “tens” and “ones”

2D shapes:

  • Naming square, circle, triangle, rhombus, rectangle, oval, hexagon; going over sides and vertices. We’ve covered circle, triangle and rectangle so far.  Next up, hexagon!


I have introduced penny, nickel, dime and quarter.  Students will be able to name each coin, give the value of each and name some of the symbols and/or presidents on each.  Students will see how learning how to count by 1s, 5s and 10s will help them to count money! So far, we’ve just been singing about the 4 different coins.  Next week, we are going to explore the presidents and symbols on each coin.

Language Arts:

Poetry journals:  Don’t forget to spend the next few days reading and singing those poetry journals!  Perfect bedtime reading!  Please be sure to send those back in by TUESDAY!

Superkids: We will continue to read the superkids decodable books in reading group. TWO printable Superkids books will be sent home next week!

Word wall words: Review all April/May words

Journaling: Daily journaling continues!  Expectations are date at the top, detailed drawing, 2 or more sentences, starting sentences with a capital letter and ending with punctuation. Students are correctly spelling word wall words and “stretching out” or writing all other words phonetically.  Correct spelling will come later!

Religion and Science

  • There is new life all around us! We made seed journals and will start to document our observations next week.
  • We will continue our caterpillar observations and will write what we discover in our caterpillar journals.  We will read fiction and nonfiction books about caterpillars.
  • We feel God’s love through our family and friends and especially through our moms!  We will be talking about our moms, reading about moms, writing about our moms and more to get ready for the Mother’s Day tea! Preparing for this event keeps us VERY busy! 🙂
  • We will be setting up a May altar in our classroom for Mary.  If the kids want to bring in flowers from the yard, (ask your grown-up first), that would be great! Lilacs are always nice to have! 🙂 We will also add the “Hail Mary” to our morning prayer time.