Kindergarten Newsletter, December 1

We had a productive week in kindergarten.  Click HERE to see some of our learning centers this week.  Next week marks the start of Advent, a very important time in our church.  Please read the note below, a hard copy was sent home on Friday!

Dear Kindergarten Families,

We hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends.  The snow outside reminds us that December is here, which means Christmas is near!  Here at school, we will work hard to remind the students what Christmas is all about… it’s about Jesus’ birthday!

This Sunday marks the start of Advent in our church!  On Monday, we will learn about how Advent is a time of PREPARATION.  It is a time to prepare our hearts for Jesus!  Each child will make an Advent wreath to use in class.  On Mondays during Advent, we will “light” a new candle on our Advent wreaths. As a new candle is lit each week it will remind us that Christmas is near! Do you have an advent wreath in your home? Please consider displaying one as a reminder of what these weeks are all about. Make time each day to light the appropriate candle(s) and say a special prayer together as a family. Attached is a paper advent wreath that you can display at home as well. Each new Sunday in Advent, have your child color in a new candle and say the prayer on the back.

Over the next few weeks of the Advent season, we will be busy getting ready for Christmas!   In kindergarten, we will focus on getting ready by doing KIND DEEDS at home. We will discuss our kind deeds DAILY. Each child will share his/her kind deed and then place a piece of “straw” in our classroom crib.  With each kind deed, we will make a soft bed for Baby Jesus to lie in. These are our presents for baby Jesus! Please help your child find good deeds to do at home each day leading up to Christmas! We will generate ideas together, but some examples include watering the Christmas tree, setting the table, helping a sibling, etc. Again, during this busy season, please do these things as a reminder of what the Advent season and Christmas are all about.

In addition to discussing our kind deeds, the children will be learning new poems and songs in honor of this wonderful holiday. Following the 9am Mass on Thursday, December 20th, the kindergarteners will present these songs to you. Mark your calendars and plan on attending this Mass!  Come celebrate the season with the children in song and prayer!

This is a special holy time to discuss all God has done for us, especially sending His son, Jesus.  During this busy season, please help your child find ways to help others, remembering that those are your presents for baby Jesus on his birthday. Jesus is the reason for the season!

God Bless,

The Kindergarten Team