Kindergarten Newsletter, December 8

Upcoming Events/mark your newsletters:

  • Monday, December 11: Dining for dollars, Portillo’s in Summit
  • Tuesday, December 12: 8am Mass

Looking Ahead:

Advent Mass and kindergarten song presentation: Don’t forget to mark your calendars for DECEMBER 22ND AT 9:30.  This will be the kindergarten Christmas performance day.  Students will be asked to dress up for the event.  They will be in charge of leading the Mass (along with their 8th grade buddies).  Once the Mass is over, they will be on the altar singing Christmas songs and reciting Christmas poems that we have started to practice in class. Plan to be at church until about 11:00

Classroom Christmas Party: Our classroom Christmas party will take place on December 22nd in the afternoon.  Needs are listed below!

What’s Due: 

  • Fluency passages: At some point this past week or next week, a book buddy bag will come home with fluency passages and blending practice.  Please practice at home!  Starting in January, these will come home more frequently.
  • New boom cards: I will post this weekend!

This Week:

We lit the first candle on our Advent wreaths on Monday. We’ve been gathering around the crib daily to share kind deeds. Kindergarten is a great time to start helping our young ones see the many opportunities there are for THEM to help OTHERS! Later in the week, we visited the holiday shop, attended the PBIS assembly where we won classroom of the month, and then we wrapped up the week gingerbread centers!

Next Week:

We will wrap up our gingerbread unit! I love doing this unit not only because it’s so age appropriate and fun, but because it’s so great for text to text comparisons which is perfect for this point in the school year. We made a chart and are filling in the characters, setting, problem and solution for each story. To wrap up the unit, we will answer the graph question: “which gingerbread story is your favorite” and will of course make a gingerbread man too. I hope he doesn’t run away! 😉

Language Arts:

Super Kids: we will finish “T” on Monday and will be on to the letter “F” for FRITS. We are working really hard on blending. If your child comes home with a book buddy pouch, please practice the books, fluency passages and/or blending pages. Again, I am only sending them home ONCE before break and then they’ll start coming home more regularly beginning in January.

Journaling: the kids are now “generating their own topics.” Students are expected to come up with a topic and write one sentence. We are looking for finger spaces in between words, starting with a capital letter, correct spelling of word wall words and ending punctuation. Please help your child see all there is to write about by using the phrase: “that would be a GREAT journal topic!” Help your child see that even the smallest things are worth writing about!

Math: Go Math, Chapter 5: addition

  • Counting to 60 by 1s: Practice at home!
  • Counting to 100 by 10s: Practice at home!
  • Counting to 100 by 5s: This is new!  Practice at home!
  • Count forward from a given number (except 1)
  • Writing & Representing to 20
  •  Answer “How Many?” up to 20
  • Greater Than, Less Than or Equal To (to 20)
  •  Represent Addition to 5 with fingers, drawings, sounds; our kindergarten goal is to be able to “Fluently add and subtract within 5 (so we want this to become automatic)”  and “add and subtract within 10 (by using drawings, fingers, objects, etc.)


  • We will gather around the crib daily to share kind deeds. These are our presents for baby Jesus on His birthday!
  • We are busy practicing the songs and poems we plan on presenting to you at the Advent Mass!
  • We will illustrate “away in a manger” in our poetry journals.
  • We will light a second candle on our Advent wreaths.