Kindergarten Newsletter, February 9

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

What’s Due:

This Week:

We had our first “mystery reader” in the classroom! The kids enjoyed hearing the clues throughout the day.  I wonder who our next one will be! 🙂

We finished up “B” and “R” in Superkids.  Two table teams will be coming home with these booklets  today (Friday) and the other four table teams will come home with them on Monday. We are doing one more read of the two stories in the booklets in reading group.  Don’t forget, now that we’re in the “Superkids Club,” when your child comes home with the booklet, please listen to your child reading the two stories.  In this booklet, the stories begin on pages: 8-10 and 19-22.  This extra practice is SO helpful.  Thank you!

We had a great day celebrating 100 days in kindergarten! Check out the pictures page to see some of the fun we had! Thanks for sending in the snacks. The kids enjoyed the treat.  We made a tally graph to see which ingredient was the class favorite.  Ask your child which ingredient won: pretzels, cheez its, marshmallows, m & ms or teddy grahams.

Next Week

Next week is Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day!  Please read the notes below.

Valentine’s Day: All the kids should bring in valentines for their friends!  Please see the note for guidelines-valentine pass out letter

Please send in valentine’s party items if you haven’t already.  Volunteers, please arrive at 1:00 so we can set up and get the party started by 1:15!

Ash Wednesday/Lent: I will send a note home on MONDAY about Lent in kindergarten.  Please look for a hard copy in your child’s folder on Monday.

New boom cards will be posted this weekend.

Have a good Superbowl Sunday! Next week, it’s all about Valentine’s Day and the start of Lent!