Kindergarten Newsletter, May 3

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

  • Monday, May 6: May Crowning Mass, 9:30am
  • Tuesday, May 7: 8am Mass
  • Thursday, May 9: Foam Party
  • Friday, May 10: Mother’s Day tea in the morning at 10:15 and 8th grade ribbon ceremony in the afternoon (we will attend)

Looking Ahead:

  • KINDERGARTEN Mother’s Day Tea: Friday, May 10th from 10:15-11:30.
  • KINDERGARTEN CELEBRATION: Wednesday, June 5, 10am.  The celebration will be about 1 hour.  Students are dismissed to you for the summer after the celebration!

This Week: We were VERY busy this week getting ready for the Mother’s Day Tea. We can’t wait to share the surprises with you next week!

Math: We are wrapping up chapter 9 2D shapes next week and moving on to Chapter 10 which is all about 3D shapes–cylinder, sphere, cube and cone. 3d shapes are “fat” NOT “flat”.


  • Counting by 1s to 100.  Practice at home!
  • Counting by 2s to 20. Practice at home!
  • Counting by 5s to 100. Practice at home!
  • Counting by 10s to 100. Practice at home!
  • Addition AND subtraction using dice, dominoes, whiteboards, manipulatives, magnetic numbers and more!  Our goal is to FLUENTLY (automatically) add and subtract within 5 and be able to use drawings, fingers, etc. to add within 10.
  • Recognizing numbers 1-100.
  • Breaking numbers 1-100 down into “tens” and “ones”

2D shapes:

  • Naming square, circle, triangle, rhombus, rectangle, oval, hexagon; going over sides and vertices. We’ve covered circle, triangle and rectangle so far.  Next up, hexagon!

3D shapes:

  • Naming cube, cylinder, sphere and cone: how many faces on each and knowing whether they roll, stack or slide.


I have introduced penny, nickel, dime and quarter.  Students will be able to name each coin, give the value of each and name some of the symbols and/or presidents on each.  Students will see how learning how to count by 1s, 5s and 10s will help them to count money! This past week we focused on naming the penny and nickel and giving the value of each. We also talked about the heads and tails side of each coin.  Next week, we will focus on the dime and quarter. At home, dump out those piggy banks and give your child a group of pennies.  How much change is that?  Next, give your child a group of nickels.  How much is that?  Finally, give your child a few nickels and a few pennies, a little trickier.  How much is that?

Language Arts:

Superkids: We will continue to read the superkids decodable books in reading group. We alternate between superkids decodable books and our fluency journals.

Word wall words: Review all April/May words.

Journaling: Daily journaling continues!  I can’t wait for the kids to share their journals with you in a few weeks.  I think it’s so fun to see what’s on their minds and see them write 2, 3, 4, even 5 sentences about that topic!  They do a GREAT job of generating their own topics which is a skill in itself.  In addition to journaling, we continue with word work time where were practicing spelling CVC words and words with digraphs sh, ch, th, wh.

Religion and Science

  • Journaling about our caterpillars (now chrysalises) and also about our bean and popcorn seeds is keeping us busy! We will continue to document the growth of each!
  • We have a MAY ALTAR in our classroom for Mary.  We are praying the HAIL MARY daily.  If your child wants to bring in any flowers for the altar to honor Mary, that would be GREAT.  Lilacs are perfect for this!
  • We will attend the May Crowning Mass on Monday! Always such a beautiful Mass!