Kindergarten Newsletter, November 2

Upcoming Events:

  • Monday, November 5: Hot Lunch, beef sandwich
  • Tuesday, November 6: We will attend a Mother Nature Assembly
  • Wednesday, November 7: Hot Lunch, Mostaccioli

This Week:

It was a busy and fun week in kindergarten as we celebrated Halloween!  Thanks to all that helped out at the parties or donated items. The kids had a blast!

Be sure to check out pictures from Halloween week under the “pictures tab”!

Next Week:

We will begin literacy and math assessments and we get ready to meet with all of you in a few weeks for parent/teacher conferences!

You will be getting an email from one of the room parents about our upcoming Thanksgiving Feast.  We will need different items brought in so that we can help the children recreate the first Thanksgiving, with one class being the Pilgrims and the other class the Native Americans.  This will be done during lunch on Thursday, November 15th. Please watch for this email and consider signing up to donate an item. Thank you!


  • Journaling: The children are working hard at sounding out words!  Remember at home: “write the sounds you hear!” when your child asks you how to spell a word.  Use those Jolly Phonics sounds and actions!
  • Jolly Phonics: We will finish group 6 sounds, ch, sh, th.  Please review groups 1-5 at home.

  • Sight words: We will continue to practice our color words: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, brown, black, pink in addition to new words: play & went. Try a few of our color word games at home on the computer:Color word 1

Religion: During the month of November, we will become more aware of all of God’s gifts.  We will have  a thankful turkey on our kindergarten bulletin board.  Each day we will add feathers that name 1 thing we are thankful for.  God has given us many gifts, let us give THANKS! We will learn a new song about all these gifts!


  • Counting to 30 by ones.
  • We will begin to practice counting by 10s.
  • Counting and representing to 20. At home: print out this double tens frame and use any small manipulatives to show numbers 1-20.  “How many groups of ten in that number?”  “How many ones are left over?”
  • Practicing 1-1 counting; this means each time we point to a new item, we should hear a new number being spoken.
  • Answer “how many?” when given a group of items to count.
  • Identify flat, 2D shapes: triangle, circle, square, rectangle, oval, diamond.
  • Making tally marks to practice “bundles of 5″ and groups of 10”.    At home: Give your child a number (start under 20). Ask your child to show you that number with tallies. Tallying helps the children identify TENS and ONES.
  • Comparing two numbers using ><= up to 20. At home: get out a deck of cards and play war!
  • Graphing:  At home: When your child comes home with a graph, ask questions like, “how many more?” “how many less?” “which has the most? The least?”


We see fall all around us! Our kindergarten tree has finally changed colors.  Ask your child what color it is!  We will continue to observe these signs of fall and will be collecting leaves to help us create artwork and learn more about changing fall trees.