Kindergarten Newsletter, November 17

Upcoming Events/mark your newsletters:

  • Tuesday, November 21: 11:00 dismissal, no aftercare, begin Thanksgiving break.
  • Tuesday, November 21: We will attend the 9:30 Thanksgiving prayer service in church, NO 8 am Mass for KINDERGARTEN.
  • Monday, November 27th: Return to school

This Week:

Our blessings feast was a success!  The kids had a fun time making the foods and then enjoying them together at the feast.  We graphed the class favorites and the results indicated the pumpkin spice cake and corn muffins were the two favorites!  I told the kids I’d share the recipes:


Looking Ahead: I know we’re still getting ready for Thanksgiving, but it’s a good time to mention our plans for Christmas so you can mark your calendars.  The kindergarten student song performance is on Friday, December 22nd.  The children will work with their 8th grade buddies to plan the 9:30 Mass and then immediately following the Mass, the kindergarten students will sing songs and recite poems on the altar.  Plan to be in church until about 11:00. Students should dress up for this Mass.  In the afternoon, we will have our Christmas party, a “birthday party for baby Jesus.”  This is another class party we will need volunteers for.  If you haven’t finished your virtus training, do that over Thanksgiving break so you can volunteer at the party!    More information on all of this to come the week we get back from Thanksgiving break.  Be sure to mark your calendars now!

Next Week:

I look forward to meeting with you all on Tuesday for P/T conferences.  Please be on time.  We need to stick to the time allotted so as not to create a domino effect to the whole school schedule.  Please know, I’d be more than happy to schedule additional time with anyone as needed.  Other important things to note about Tuesday:

  1. Dismissal is at 11:00 on Tuesday.
  2. Students should still bring a snack to school.
  3. Kindergarten will NOT attend the usual 8am Tuesday Mass, but we WILL attend the prayer service at 10:00.

On Friday, I sent home two Thanksgiving activities.  One is an empty plate.  Students can draw a picture of their Thanksgiving meals.  We are just starting to “stretch out” words independently.  This is hard! Kids are used to asking, “how do you spell –?” Help your child label each food by stretching words out together.  When writing words in kindergarten, students are asked to, “write the sounds they hear.”  Correct spelling is NOT what we’re looking for at this point. That will come later!  If your child is writing “carrots”…. “carits” is great!  If your child is writing “turkey”….”trke” is great! The other page I sent home is a tally and bar graph.  Children can go around your family’s thanksgiving gathering and ask what everyone’s favorite foods are.  First, tally the results.  Then, take those results and turn it into a bar graph! Turn finished papers in any time after Thanksgiving break!