March 22nd PreK 4 News

So much fun happened this week at school.  We celebrated many birthday’s, we wrapped up St. Patrick’s Day and started talking about Easter.  We continued to talk about rhyming words and have started to put our sounds together to create words.  So far this year, we have learned the sound for S,A,T,I,P,N,C,K,E,H,R,M,D,G,O,U,L,F,B,J and Z.  Only a few more letters to go!

Next week we will talk about Easter and read many different versions of the Easter Story, visit church to look at the murals and tell the story of Easter using resurrection eggs.  We also have many fun projects and activities planned.

Looking at the weather today, we are a GO for our egg hunt on Wednesday.  Thank you to all that signed up to donate to our fun class event.  It’s going to be a busy weekend filling up all the eggs!

On Monday, we will be visiting the book-fair to check out all the neat items that are available.  To help avoid purchasing books that could already be in your home library, it might be best to visit the book-fair at pick-up with your child.  It will be open for approximately one hour after school.  If you aren’t able to shop with your child, no worries!  We have signed up to shop as a class on Thursday.  Please make sure to check the flyer that was sent home to see some of the titles that are available.

Upcoming Events!

  • March 25th- Book-fair Preview
  • March 26th- 8am Mass
  • March 27th- Classroom Egg Hunt:  Thank you to all who have signed up to donate to this event!
  • March 28th- 9:30 Prayer Service
    • Book-fair Shopping
    • 2pm Dismissal- No Aftercare
  • March 29th- No School
  • April 1-April 7th- Spring Break
  • April 12th- Laps for Laughs
  • April 26th- No School
  • April 27th- Spring Auction: visit for all needed information.