Happy New Year – January 5th

I hope everyone had a blessed holiday time together! I went to Florida and helped my mom navigate getting her condo fixed that was damaged in Hurricane Ian. We have spent the last 10 years there for Christmas but we were unable to stay there this year due to roof damage/no running water. It was hard to see the terrible devastation but it was uplifting to meet so many people truly filled with hope.

Looking ahead:

The next couple of days we are going to be exploring slope in much more detail. The last chapter ended with constant rate of proportion which is a fancy name for slope (with direct variation). I am hoping to expand on this to linear equations. (This will be a packet-GoMath does not cover this topic).

I am introducing the students to finding slope with two points. If you remember your algebra that means calculating “rise over run”. It has been wonderful practice working with subtracting integers 5 – (-3) = 8

Next week we will begin with percentages (Chapter 5 GoMath and supplements).

By the last week of January we will begin solving algebraic equations with one step, two step, multiple steps. It is so important that students have mastered their integer operations (add/subtract/multiply/divide positive and negative numbers). Please encourage students to practice those at home.

In January we will be going to Nazareth for spiritual retreat field trip. I will be sending permission slips home next week.