week of 10/31 Van Wyck

It is hard to believe we are approaching Halloween already!  We have had a very successful and FUN Red Ribbon Week.  Halloween will have a party and trunk or treat walk!  Students can wear their costumes–see Mr Porod email for guidelines.


Math:  Geometry is the word!  We are starting a full comprehensive review or renew or just completely new material learning for Geometry.  Students began the first handout learning of angles (intersecting, corresponding, protractor measurements).  Angles, lines, rays will be the focus of next week.  We will have chunked out quizzes to reinforce packet learning and formulas.  It is important to keep the packet and follow along in class.  These examples will be the material to study for the quiz.


Once we build the foundation we will be back to GoMath for the regular chapter material!


Thank you for attending the Commitment Ceremony.  I am sure your student is excited to begin their journey as Confirmation candidates.  Larry Minetti, Religious Education,  is a wonderful resource for our students as they make their Confirmation.  St Cletus has MANY opportunities for service hours on our grounds.  Keep your eye out via email for sign up genius’s.

Religion:  We read the story of Abraham and Isaac in the Bible.  We discussed sacrifices and what a huge sacrifice Abraham was asked to give (his only son).  Isaac answered the call without hesitation just as Mary answered the call to be the mother of Jesus.

Next we moved to Isaac as an old man with his two sons Jacob and Esau.  We read in our Bibles how Jacob deceived Isaac and received the special blessing.  He was the chosen one and had the Lord had discussed this with his mother, Rebecka when she was carrying the twins.  Though the story is hard to understand (Jacob tricked his father!), we learn about faith.  Faith in the Lord even if we do not understand his master plan.  Jesus had to have faith in the Lord when he sacrificed himself.  We celebrate our covenant with the Lord each week at mass with the Body and Blood of Christ.