wk 9-12

Hello 7th and 8th grade families-  I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the fair.  I had a blast and I got to spend time with many of you :).


7th Grade Math-  We are working on order of operations (PEMDAS) this week.  We will have a Simple Solutions quiz on Friday and a multiplication/division through 12 tables quiz.  Today in class many students did not know 54 divided by 6 = 9.  Ugh!  It is so important to get these down – if the quizzes reveal a large gap in multiplication/division tables we will have to start doing weekly quizzes on these through 12.


8th Grade math-Thursday will be the next quiz on 2.1-2.3.  There will be questions on opposites, absolute value, and add/subt/mult/div of integers.  There may also be union and intersection of sets as well.  All of these topics are in the book under these sections.  I will be checking notebooks after the quiz.  Im seeing many students keeping an organized notebook with nightly work so I am encouraged.  This chapter moves quick so I would expect the Chapter 2 test to be next Thursday 9/21.


Science:  We are beginning a unit on understanding scientific modeling.  We will be doing line, bar and pie graphs in coordination with TLC class.  The students hypothesis, collect data (i.e temperature in various classrooms throughout day) and then model that on a line graph.  Thankfully Mr Ochoa agreed that this would be a great way to incorporate the TLC computer lab and make these graphs look like ones from professional scientists.  We will be collecting data this week and bringing it to the lab next Tuesday.


If you have any questions/concerns, please do not hesitate to email me jvanwyck@stcletusparish.com.