news 9/29-(Eighth)

Wed 9/27/2023 2:36 PM
Hello families!

Algebra is moving along quite nicely. Chapter two test was last week. The students are really doing well 22/26 students scored a B or higher on the Chapter 2 test. I am so impressed as the test are challenging. We are moving quickly through Chapter 3 (Linear Equations) mainly because we did this exact chapter last year as a supplement to the GoMath book. The Chapter 3 test will be on Thursday next week. It will be the exam from Lyons Township and I will be putting an hour time limit on the exam. This begins to prepare our young mathletes for high school exams.

In science we are focusing on motion. We have read about motion, acceleration, Newton’s Laws, etc. We took a vocabulary quiz on these concepts. Next Monday we will be doing an experiment where we drop an egg from the second floor window. How can the students protect their egg? The students should bring in household items they think will help protect their egg from the fall.. Examples of this would be styro-foam, cardboard, cloth, packing material, tape, etc. We’ve been talking a lot about inertia, vehicle safety, and air resistance. I am excited to see what they come up with!

Monday–October 2, 2023–Confirmation Information Sheet is due (found at the back of the red book). This sheet commits your child to a saint name and sponsor. Sponsors should be a practicing Catholic and al least 16 years old. They should be a great source of guidance for a young person–parents are not allowed to be sponsors.

November 5, 2023-Sponsor/Confirmation Mass and Meeting (8:45am mass-meeting til 11:00am) Sponsors should attend.

January 10, 2023–Red books with reflections for service experiences, mass reflections, and any needed signatures are due.

January 27 , 2023 -Tentative date for Confirmation retreat. Sponsors do not attend.

March 7,2023 Confirmation rehearsal 6:30-8:30pm Sponsors should attend.

March 9 Confirmation 1:00pm Church