October 25 NEWS–7th Grade

Reminder: Tomorrow is red out–wear red!

Next week we will not attend mass on Tuesday because we are in Halloween costumes. We will be attending mass on 11/1 AND 11/2 for All Saints and All Souls.

There will be trunk or treat (1:45pm) as well as a 7th/8th Halloween party on 10/31.

11/16 Confirmation Commitment Mass for all those students moving forward with making their Confirmation.


One step, two step, three step—cha cha cha!!!

R we having dance lessons in math class? No!! We are solving equations and LOTS of them. The students just finished solving a one step equation math packet of 100 problems. Grades are in Powerschool for the first packet—EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN A 100%! Once you solve for X – every student should be substituting it back in and if the solution works they know they are correct. Regardless, it is really good practice.


x + 5 = 15 x=10 10 + 5 = 15

7x=11 x=11/7

Today we moved to TWO/THREE STEP equations. Lots of great questions! MUCH MUCH more challenging—students have to follow the steps! These packets will be due on Tuesday (100 problems). We are working in class as well so we can all hear all the great questions.


5(x + 3) = 5

5x + 15 = 5


x=-2 check: 5(-2+3)=5 5=5

2x +5 = 3x +7

-2x -2x

-7 -7

-2 = x check: 2(-2) + 5 = 3(-2) +7 1=1

These problems may require the students to use several of the STRATEGIES we’ve learned:

1) Main Goal – get x on one side, constant on the other

2) distributive property a(b + c)

3) opposite operation

4) collect like terms

Parent Warning!!! THERE MAY BE LOTS OF FRUSTRATION at first! 🙂 I promise as they get used to knowing when to use the right strategies it will become second nature.

Then we will move to (multi step) equations!

Practice is what makes us all successful on this! It does not come right away but it will. EVENTUALLY the students will be tested on their ability to do these problems without a calculator (about 2 weeks from now).