Second-2-None: Week of 1/16

This week we finished learning about Confirmation. We will talk about the Church Year, looking at each season, which will lead into our next season, Lent. Next week, we will focus on some special activities in preparation for our celebration of Catholic Schools’ Week.

In Phonics, we continue to read and write words with special parts. We will be focusing on consonant blends next. For fun, see how many your child can find in the words around your house, like clock, swing, tree, etc. While we continue to classify sentences in Grammar, the class will learn how to use this skill to help us write better, more detailed sentences soon. This is a skill we’ll work on throughout the year. In grammar, we’ll also begin our noun study. We will determine many factors about each noun in a sentence.

The class has finished reading our story about Theodore Roosevelt. They really enjoy learning about the 26th President and all of his accomplishments. The class has learned several nonfiction text features used in the text. Next week, we will begin to create a lapbook of all the features.

Cursive continues, even though homework hasn’t gone home. That slant really gets them. We’ve talked a great deal about it. Please be sure to look at the corrected cursive worksheets. If words or letters are circled, with a “REDO” written on it, please have your child correct whatever was circled. Also, please remind your child to sit properly when doing cursive homework. He/she should know what that means.

In Math, they will finish chapter 5 on subtraction next week. The chapter test will be the week of January 30. Homework next week may look a little different than you are used to seeing. We’re focusing on key skills from the chapter. Please have your child continue to practice basic facts. We’re seeing simple computation errors often.

We’ve discussed producers and consumers, along with listed natural resources and their importance in Social Studies. We’ll identify ways to conserve our natural resources next. Our test on Unit 2 will be the week after next so that we have ample time to review together in class. Also, the book will go home sometime next week so that your child can reread Unit 2 and start studying for the test. A lesson review packet will also go home later next week.

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  • How’s the ancestor project going? The final presentation frame paper (which went home already and is written by using the planning sheet) will be due Tuesday, January 24. We will use that on Wednesday to write the final paper in class, in paragraph form. It’s copied right from the presentation frame. So, please make sure your child writes clear complete sentences. The completed doll will be due Wednesday, January 25. These will be displayed at the Open House during Catholic School’s Week for all to enjoy! I already have quite a few turned in, and they are AMAZING! After Catholic School’s Week, they will present their speeches and dolls.
  • Catholic Schools’ Week is fast approaching. Look for information next week on the special activities we will have during the week to celebrate our school.
  • Cletus is gearing up for its Spring Auction, which is on Saturday, April 29. So, mark your calendars and plan to join your fellow Cletus families (adults only) for a great night Cardinal Palooza.
  • Speaking of the auction, there are many awesome prizes for your child and family to win. The first step is simply to register. You can use this link:
  • If you didn’t receive the packet of information and incentives for Cardinal Palooza, please let me know, and I can send one home with your child.