Second-2-None: Week of 1/30

This week in Religion, we wrote letters to grandparents about our school. We also wrote to our parents, thanking them for a Catholic education. We also spent one of our Religion classes creating Valentine cards for the elderly living. They were so beautiful, and I know your child’s card will brighten someone’s day next week. 

In Phonics, we looked at the sounds y can make, specifically either long i or long e. We also built new words by changing one letter at a time. This can be very difficult! Cursive is getting there, which is expected. Some just need to remember to slow down and watch the slant. The slant is so much easier to make if the undercurve truly swings out. 

 During our reading time, we’ve been focusing on nonfiction text features by studying them and creating examples using ourselves. We will do more reading skills work next week, while we finish this intensive project on text features. The students are becoming experts at classifying sentences. We’ve learned how to complete noun charts, find complete subjects and predicates, AND identify the simple subject and predicate. WOW!!   

We finished chapter 5 and will begin the next chapter on Monday. Three-digit addends will be the topic in math. We will learn that the steps don’t really change from two-digit to three-digit. We just keep moving left. In about the middle of the chapter, we will switch gears to subtracting two 3-digit numbers. Are you practicing basic math facts? Knowing them really will help your child. 

We’ve also finished Unit 2 of Social Studies. Next week, we will move back to science, where we will look closely at plants. 

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  • What a fun and busy week it has been celebrating Catholic schools Week. Thank you for the wonderful lunch on Wednesday, provided by the FSA. It was so good! Also, thank you for the wonderful gifts on Teacher Appreciation Day. We are always overwhelmed by the generosity of our families.  
  • Room 112 still has only ONE family that needs to register for CardinalPalooza. Then, the whole class wins a prize! Room 111, keep on registering! 
  • Thank you for coming out and cheering us on during the Red & White volleyball game. The children LOVE to see their parents. 
  • How are the Virtus Training pieces coming along? Have you turned everything in that you needed? Remember, we can’t have you come and volunteer for the Valentine’s Day party if you are not fully in compliance. Thank you for your understanding.