Second-2-None: Week of 10/3

This week in religion we finished speaking briefly about each Sacrament. Then we began a closer look at Baptism. Please take some time, if you can, to speak to your child about his/her Baptism. Show some pictures or special cards. Do you still have the baptismal outfit, candle, bib? Show your child these items. It makes our discussions so much more meaningful. This week in Second Step, we spoke about the difference between an accident and on purpose. We practiced how to communicate with someone when we are not sure if it was an accident. With our Growing with God program, we spoke about boundaries today. We discussed what secrets are and the difference between safe/unsafe secrets.  

We have begun classifying sentences which include subject noun and verb. It’s tricky in the beginning, but they will get it. In Phonics, we continue with our short vowel sounds, while in Reading we’ve finished reading our story “Friends Around the World.” We’ve compared & contrasted the different settings within the story, while learning some very interesting information about different cities.  

We are taking our chapter 2 test next week and then will move on to basic addition facts. Please practice some basic facts, 0 – 10, every day. So, at a red light, you review basic addition facts for 2. During dinner prep, you say the 3 and 5 facts. Do you walk to school? See how many your child can say in all. 

We will finish the Science unit on Tuesday and then spend the next few days reviewing for the test. Please look for the unit to come home on Tuesday and begin studying for it. The test will be on Friday, October 14.  

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  • There is NO SCHOOL on Monday, October 10th in observance of Columbus Day. Enjoy the three-day weekend!  
  • Mark your calendars with these important dates. 
    • 10/13/22 – First Reconciliation Parent Meeting 7PM 
    • 11/19/22 – First Reconciliation 1PM – 3PM 
    • 5/06/23 – First Holy Communion 11AM & 1PM  
  • Practice basic addition math facts daily!!! It really will give your child help in the coming weeks and months. 
  • As it gets colder, please be sure your child is dressed warm enough to go outside at recess. We will do our best to be outdoors as much as possible, weather permitting. 
  • Are you Virtus trained? Have you completed the necessary requirements to volunteer in school? We are looking at having 2 field trips this year, and only parents who are Virtus trained will be able to chaperone. Not sure what has to be done? Look on the school website, under the Parent Page tab. Scroll down to and click  Volunteer Requirements with Minors. It will direct you to the page with all the information.