Second-2-None: Week of 11/28

In Religion this week, we looked very closely at the start of the new Church year, which begins with the Advent Season. We discussed what happens during Advent, which began this past Sunday, and the class thought about what they can each do during this most special time. They have been practicing for the Christmas Program and are really looking forward to singing for you! 

We’ve read a story entitled “A Chair for My Mother.” It’s a sweet story of a family who work together toward something special. We’ve looked at cause and effect. Next week we will study the characters more closely and look at sequencing. In Phonics, we’ll move on to compound words and syllables after our unit test on the long vowel sounds. That test will be mid- next week. Within our Shurley English grammar program, we have added the skill check and declarative sentence part of the classifying, following with identifying the complete subject and complete predicate early next week. With this program, the work and study for tests is done in class, as it follows a very specific question/answer flow. There is much repetition to help the class remember, and so it is very important to really pay attention in class to learn how to do it.  

We will introduce cursive next week by talking about some basic pre-cursive skills. Also next week, we will look at each of the four strokes more carefully before beginning any letters. Once that is complete, we will begin with lowercase letters. PLEASE do NOT teach your child how to write cursive letters. We are teaching it in a very specific order so that he/she can build upon skills. Thank you for your understanding. 

In Math, we continue to work on 2-digit addition. We will finish the chapter next week. It really helps to know basic addition facts with automaticity. Practice wherever and whenever you can. There are card games and online games that your child can do at home to practice. The class will also learn how to play Salute. It is a 3-person game and a fun way to practice facts. 

We’ve looked at the various animal groups in science and will continue to look at the characteristics of each more closely.  The students will create a little booklet to help study for the test. It will contain important characteristics of each animal group. 

Message from Principal - News

  • Is your child practicing the Ten Commandments and Act of Contrition? We have begun testing the Act of Contrition and will finish next week. Then we will begin testing the Ten Commandments. In order to refresh and practice, we’ve been completing some sequencing and fill-in-the-blanks for both in class. 
  • We will be having a Christmas Program on Thursday, December 15, at 7 PM in the church. I’m sure it will be a beautiful way to celebrate the season together as a school and faith community. Please mark your calendar.     
  • The Holiday Shop is coming to St. Cletus next week, December 8 and 9. What a fun way for your 2nd grader to personally pick something out for those he/she loves. We will be shopping the morning of December 8. They love to choose special items for family and friends! To preview items and get their shopping lists ready, I’m providing the link. Happy shopping! 
  • Friday, December 9, is a Holiday Hoopla for 1st – 3rd grade from 6 – 8 PM. The flyer went home on Wednesday. Drop off your child for a night of Christmas fun and games for only $5! What a great way to start the weekend.