Second-2-None: Week of 11/7

This week in Religion, we continued to get ready for Reconciliation by discussing sin is intentional, not accidental. We also listened to 2 wonderful stories from the Bible which spoke to the Sacrament. We heard about the Prodigal Son, looking closely at the Father’s constant love and forgiveness. We also heard about the Shepard looking for the lost sheep, as well as his happiness upon the return of the sheep.

In Grammar, we will take our Chapter 3 test, which covers classifying sentences with a subject noun, verb, adverb, adjective and article adjective. We will begin to identify the type of sentence next by learning a skill check. Phonics has us still working with long vowels, in addition to high frequency words. We also took some time this week to read about veterans, create character webs, and write cards of thanks. These cards will be delivered to a VA hospital.

The class finished Chapter 3 of Math and will begin Chapter 4 next week. Within Chapter 4, we look at adding 2-digit numbers. Please refer to the Model and Draw of each lesson if you are uncertain about the steps used when breaking apart to make a 10, as this skill does take practice. Don’t forget, there is also a YouTube video for each lesson. Copy and paste into the address bar and find Grade 2 Lesson 4.1 to watch the breakdown of the lesson’s homework. Mr. Cohen has posts for many of the 2nd grade math lessons. If you do look for his videos, please be sure to click on 2nd grade, as he also posts 3rd grade videos.

We will take our first unit test in Social Studies early to mid-next week. Our second graders should be studying the text (Unit 1) and papers sent home. These include lesson reviews and a study guide. We will then switch back to science to study animals. The class will even get to take a virtual field trip to the San Diego Zoo to visit some animals next week.

Reformation Missions: EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences are coming up soon. If you would prefer a phone conference to an in-person conference, please let us know.
  • Please remind your child to bring his/her LIBRARY books on WEDNESDAY! We know that it is hard to remember with so many things on our mind, but we’d love to have them check out new books every week.