Second-2-None: Week of 12/12

We’ve been doing some fun Advent activities in Religion, from creating Nativity scenes to working on a project for the Center of Independence. Next week, we will use the projects created at all grade levels to decorate the Center’s learning area into a Winter Wonderland. 

This week, we began our next story in reading, which is a short chapter book on Theodore Roosevelt. So far, we’ve learned a bit about his childhood and early young adult life. After reading these chapters, we practiced summarizing the chapter by pulling key ideas. We’ve added identifying the complete subject and complete predicate to our classification flow in grammar. It’s tough, but I have every confidence that they can do it with time. We are studying syllables, and then compound words are next in Phonics. There will be NO spelling words or test next week. 

Cursive is going well. Please remind your child to sit properly when doing cursive homework. He/she should know what that means, as we practice in school when learning the new letter. Also, please remind them NOT to write in cursive until we have taught them all the letters.  

We wrapped up chapter 4 of Math this week with our chapter test. After the break, we will begin Chapter 5, which will focus on 2-digit subtraction. So, keep practicing those basic math facts. 

We are done with Science Unit 3 on animals. The unit test will be on Wednesday, December 21, so that we can do some more activities and have some group reviews to prepare for the test. The unit is going home today. PLEASE have your child start studying a little at a time so as not to be overwhelmed on the last day. As mentioned, we will review in class, but it will really benefit them to study at home too.  

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  • We hope that you enjoyed the Christmas program last night. The children practiced so hard to learn those songs and perform them for you. They were beyond excited! Perhaps your child can perform a solo for the family during break. 
  • On Wednesday, December 21, please join us in church at 9:30 for our Christmas Mass, led by kindergarten and 8th grade. There will be a brief program immediately following Mass.  
  • Wednesday, December 21, is also a DRESS UP day.  
  • Next week is a shortened week, as we get ready to begin our Christmas break. We will have school from Monday through Wednesday. Thursday, December 22, is the first day of our Christmas break. We return to school on Thursday, January 5th.