Second-2-None: Week of 2/13

In Religion, we continued to talk about the Last Supper and its significance to the Mass. This week we also had to say good-bye to our friends from the Center for Independence. We created posters for them and had a parade. One group of students from the Center also performed some friendship songs for us. We wish them all the best and are so happy to have shared this time together.  

In Grammar, we finished chapter 4. The next chapter has us continue classifying what we already do, but it starts with a focus on nouns. We will learn what singular and plural nouns are, as well as common and proper. They will be expected to distinguish between those. However, before we start chapter 5, we will be writing a descriptive paper on a classmate. We started this week with an interview with a classmate, filling out a graphic organizer, which will be used for our rough draft. Next week will finish the final paper.  

In Phonics, we continue reading and writing words with consonant digraphs. Cursive is moving along well. I’ve noticed that the practice that we do in school is a bit neater than that done at home. Please remind your child to sit properly, hold the pencil correctly, and tilt the paper. Their free hand must hold the paper in place.  

In Math, we have moved on from 3-digit addition to 3-digit subtraction. Subtraction has proven to be more difficult for many. It typically is due to mistakes like forgetting to regroup or computation. I remind them daily to work slowly and double-check. Please do so at home too.   

Science has us still looking at plants. We will learn the life cycle of a plant, as well as the parts of a plant. To help remember plant parts, we will create a diagram of a plant with the parts labels and jobs identified.   

Extra, Extra. God's news is good news. - Church Logo Branding : Be Known  for Something

  • Room 112 STILL has only ONE family that needs to register for CardinalPalooza. Then, the whole class wins a prize! Room 111, keep on registering. You have a few families left. Just click on this link to get registered. 
  • There is no school on Friday, February 17, and Monday, February 20. Enjoy the four-day weekend! 
  • Lent begins next week with Ash Wednesday. We will have Stations of the Cross every Thursday at 2:30, beginning next week. If you can, please feel free to join us on this journey with our Lord. 
  • How are the Virtus Training pieces coming along? Have you turned everything in that you needed? We are still missing many pieces from many parents.  Remember, we can’t have you come and volunteer if you are not fully in compliance. If you are not sure, just send an email, and we’ll let you know. If you don’t plan on volunteering, there is no need for further action. Thank you for your understanding.