Second-2-None: Week of 2/20

In Religion, we were so fortunate to be in church every single day this week. We spoke about what Lent is. Also, since we will be attending Stations of the Cross each week, we spoke about what that journey was. Since many seemed sad, we spoke about how, though the journey of our Lord to Calvary was sad, it led to the greatest news ever, His Resurrection!

In Phonics, we will soon be wrapping up our unit with consonant blends, digraphs, bossy r, etc. Once we start the new unit, it will focus on contractions. In Grammar, we interviewed a classmate, using a graphic organizer. Then, the class wrote a descriptive paper about their partner. We will be finishing the final paper next week. In Reading, we finished reading a nonfiction story entitled “Change Makers.” The story focused on various children who bettered their communities and helped others in need. With the stories, we found details to support the main idea. We also found cause and effect relationships, as well as used pictures to provide more information.

We have only one more set of lowercase letters to learn, those starting with an overcurve. After this set, we will move onto uppercase letters. Also, once lowercase letters are all learned, we will require more of the daily work to be completed in cursive. This will mainly be in Phonics first.

In Math, we will be wrapping up chapter 6 next week. Then we will skip a few chapters and go on to geometry. After geometry, we will return to chapter 7, which focuses on money.

We are done with our science unit on plants. We will wrap up next week with some class reviews. Please, also have your child study a little each night so that he/she is prepared.

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  • We will have Stations of the Cross Thursday at 2:30. If you can, please feel free to join us on this journey with our Lord.
  • Cardinal Palooza is on Saturday, April 29. The spring auction is always so much fun. We hope to see you there.
  • Just a reminder that if you want to volunteer in any capacity at school, all of the Virtus pieces have to be completed. Have you turned everything in that you needed? We are still missing many pieces from many parents. If you are not sure, just send an email, and we’ll let you know. If you don’t plan on volunteering, there is no need for further action. Thank you for your understanding.