Second-2-None: Week of 2/6

We’ve begun to look at what Mass is. In our preparation for First Holy Communion, we will look quite closely at each step of the Mass, in order. Right now, we talked about how Jesus gave us everlasting life. We also talked about the Last Supper, and its importance as the first Communion. We will continue to talk about the Last Supper, as it pertains to the Mass. 

We finished Chapter 4 of Shurley English and will move on to prepositions soon. We also practice correcting sentences together. In Phonics, we continue to identify and read words with consonant digraphs. We have been focusing on nonfiction text features this week in Reading, and we have talked about how it helps us to understand the text.   

In Math, we continue to add 3-digit addends. What I have noticed most often is that students forget to write the regrouped number. So, the answer will be wrong. The other most common mistake is adding incorrectly. That is why it really helps to practice basic math facts so that they become automatic. Word problems continue to be a struggle for so many! We will continue to work on these throughout the school year. When we do them together, I model the steps out loud repeatedly with the hopes that they imitate that on their own.   

We’ve moved on to science this week, looking at plants. We will look at the plant life cycle, parts of a plant, etc.   

In the news… | Class Teaching

  • Room 112 STILL has only ONE family that needs to register for CardinalPalooza. Then, the whole class wins a prize! Room 111, keep on registering. You have 6 families left. Just click on this link to get registered. 
  • How are the Virtus Training pieces coming along? Have you turned everything in that you needed? I am still missing many pieces from many parents. Remember, we can’t have you come and volunteer if you are not fully in compliance. Thank you for your understanding.