Second-2-None: Week of 3/20

We will be finishing up our chapter on the first main part of Mass, which is the Liturgy of the Word. We talked about the different parts which make up the Liturgy of the Word. Next week, we’ll begin to talk about the second main part called the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  

In Grammar, we continue to classify sentences and build upon our knowledge about nouns. We identify them as either common or proper, singular or plural. In Phonics, we will continue to review contractions, though we have moved on to word endings and suffixes. This tends to be difficult since there are rules dependent upon the base word. We’ll really take our time making sure we have this skill down before taking the test. Take note of their Phonics pages coming home. I’ll review with them, but it will help if you talk it over as well. Reinforcement!  

In reading, we have started reading another nonfiction text, entitled Disaster Alert. It provides information about 5 natural disasters (tornados, floods, sinkholes, volcanoes, and bushfires) and how to stay safe. Then the next story teaches about earthquakes. When finished with these two texts, the class will need to create an informational poster about one of the events. 

Today we took our Math test. Next, we will begin our chapter on money. We will focus on coins and dollar bills in second grade. To get a head start, take out a handful of coins and talk about them. The more familiar they are, the better it is.  

In Social Studies, we’ve finished reading Unit 3 of Social Studies. The unit 3 test will be on Thursday of next week, March 30. The book has gone home, and a review packet will go home on Monday. Please have your child study both the book and packet for Unit 3. We will also spend a couple of days reviewing before taking the test.  

DEFINITION OF NEWS - Mass Communication Talk

  • We hope you and your child enjoyed the Communion Retreat last weekend. We will continue to practice how to receive the Eucharist with unconsecrated hosts so that each child is ready. 
  • As your child begins working on his/her Communion banner, please be sure to measure it so that it fits well at the end of the pew. Many kits come larger and need to be trimmed. So, please double-check the measurements, which are provided in the handout from the Parent Communion meeting.  
  • When your child is finished with the Communion banner, please have him/her bring it to SCHOOL and give it to me. I display them in the hall for the weeks leading up to First Communion. They are excited to show the school, and many people come in to tell us how wonderful they are. I will be sure that they all get to church on Communion Day. 
  • CardinalPalooza is on Saturday, April 29. It is always a great time to see fellow Cardinal families and friends. Get your tickets today! 
  • Speaking of the spring auction, be sure to keep an eye out for two after school events being offered for the silent auction. Mrs. McCartney will be hosting a Movie/Pizza Party, and Miss Allen will host a Video Game Party.