Second-2-None: Week of 3/27

This week in religion, we learned about anger management in our Second Step program. We practiced some calming techniques, breathing skills, and discussed other ways to calm down. We also continued to look at the second main part of Mass, which is the Liturgy of the Eucharist. We will spend quite a bit of time reviewing all the steps in the Mass after Easter break so that your child can point them out to you. During this Holy Week, we will focus on the special days of the Triduum.

Most of the class is doing very well classifying sentences in Grammar. They have become quite good at identifying the complete and simple subject and predicate in sentences. Can’t wait to get to those prepositional phrases. We are adding suffixes to words in Phonics, which has gotten a bit tricky with the many different rules. So, we will be practicing that more to really have it in our tool belt. We’ve finished reading our newest story “Danger! Earthquakes” while focusing on using context clues, main ideas, finding key details, and using nonfiction text features to find information.

In Math, the class has been adding coins. We began with pennies, nickels, and dimes. Then we introduced quarters.  It has been tricky for some. We’ll spend some time adding coins before throwing dollar bills into the mix. It would help to have your child look at a handful of coins at home. Just grab a handful of coins (not much over $1) and ask your child to find the total value. Do this a few times a day. Have him/her identify the coin and find the value of the coins. They should know to put the coins in order from greatest value to lowest value before counting on to find the total value. We also talked about using addition to find the total value if counting on is tricky. Some get the quarter and nickel mixed up. We’ll officially finish the section on money in our Math chapter and wrap it up with the test on Thursday. After break, we will continue with the chapter, focusing on time.

We finished up Social Studies Unit 3 with our test on Thursday. We will switch gears once again to Science. Unit 4 of our science text has us learn about the symbiosis between animals and plants. In this unit we will learn about camouflage and adaptations, too.

Upcoming Events Clip Art -

  • We have our Book Fair this coming week. Room 112 will browse on Monday morning, making a wish list. We will go again Tuesday afternoon to shop. If your child will not be here on Tuesday and you want them to buy a book(s), feel free to send in money and titles on Monday. We will do our best to help your child get the book he/she wants. The Book Fair will be open until 4PM on Monday through Thursday, if you prefer to shop with your child after school.
  • A huge THANK YOU to Mrs. Malham, who works tirelessly to set-up the Book Fair for our school. The children enjoy it so much!
  • If you haven’t started your Communion banner, Easter break is a great time to do this. Remember to measure according to the Parent Handout and send it in with your child for display in the school hallway. We will make sure the banner is on your child’s pew come First Communion day. We’d like to have the banner the week of April 24th.
  • Have you marked your calendars for CardinalPalooza on April 29th? It’s always a great evening with fellow cardinals. You can preview the live items, raffles and more online. Here is the link.
  • On Thursday, we will gather in church twice. First, we will celebrate the Washing of the Feet led by our first graders. Then, we will have our Stations of the Cross in the afternoon, as usual.
  • Our Easter vacation will be from Friday, April 7 through Friday, April 14. School resumes on Monday, April 17.