Second-2-None: Week of 5/23

During Religion this past week, we learned about the structure of the church. We discussed how the Pope is the leader, cardinals, bishops, and pastors. We learned how pastor run a parish and bishops take care of a diocese. We also spent time discovering that though Catholics may have different traditions or ways of doing things, all Catholics around the world have the same beliefs. Next week, we will focus on prayer. 

In grammar, we have been classifying sentences with prepositional phrases. This was a bumpy start, but they are starting to get the hang of it. In Phonics, we continue to study words with vowel diphthongs. We have finished learning all the cursive letters. However, our practice continues with writing some classwork in cursive. We read a wonderful story of a pioneer family entitled “Going West.” With this story, we learned about point of view and talked about how events affect characters. 

In Math, we finished chapter 10, which was all about graphing. We will do the review pages next week before the test, as well as a fun graphing project. The test will be on Wednesday. We will continue to have math lessons until field day.  

We are looking at both science and social studies, using some fun supplemental materials. In social studies, we are studying our country’s history. We began by looking at Native Americans, specifically Powhatan, Sioux, and Pueblo tribes. Next week, we will look at how our country began. In science, we are looking more closely at natural resources. We also will discover what erosion is.  

Learning will be going strong all the way to the last day for our future 3rd graders!