Second-2-None: Week of 8/29

We are so looking forward to teaching your children this year.  It’ll be so exciting to work with your child and watch as they grow academically, spiritually and socially. The first few weeks of school are an adjustment. So, we spend quite a bit of time on learning/practicing routines, working together in our workbooks, on worksheets, etc. to make everyone as comfortable as possible. We may continue this a bit more into September. Then, more independent work is expected. 

 Second grade is filled with so many new and exciting things to learn. Each week, please be sure to check the 2nd grade page. We will update this page each week with new information.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email. We do find that email is the easiest form of communication. Here is a quick link for you. or 

 In our Phonics unit, we begin with beginning, middle, and end sounds. We’ve been focusing on just the consonant sounds. Next, we look at vowels. Spelling has begun with silent “b” words. Please practice daily so that your child is prepared for the test. There may be homework given throughout the week to help practice the words. We’ve been doing some introductory reading lessons to ease back into it. We began our Reading series by reading our first story “Trouble in the Sandbox. 

 This past week, we have been working on Simple Solutions during Math for practice and learning the routine. We also began Chapter 1 of GoMath, which has us working on place value of 2-digit numbers, even/odd numbers, and values of digits in a 2-digit number. There will be Math homework most nights, Monday – Thursday. Your child should be practicing their math facts each night, even if it’s just for 2 minutes. Maybe you can do this while driving home or standing in line at the grocery store.  When it comes to homework, we just need the PRACTICE & HOMEWORK page back. The top right corner on one side will say Practice & Homework CH#.Lesson#. 

 In Religion, we began to talk about how Jesus was not only human but divine. We listened to stories that showed how divine he was. We talked about the three persons in one God, using a book about an apple to help understand the Blessed Trinity. We’ve talked about how Jesus was human AND divine. On Fridays, we may occasionally read the upcoming Sunday Gospel to prepare the children for Sunday Mass. You’ll then see Worship Bulletins coming home based on the Gospel. That is not homework. We use them as a fun review of the Gospel reading. 

 This week and last, we began looking at how Scientists work. We discussed various inquiry skills and tools used by scientists. We are actually almost done with Science Unit 1. We will have a test next week, but it will be an open book test so that I can show them what a Science test will look like, how to study for future tests, how to answer the questions, etc. They do NOT need to study anything for this test. After that, we will start to talk about technology in our world and the design process.   

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  • There is no school on Monday, September 5th, as we celebrate Labor Day.  
  • Look for the Homework Sheet on Tuesday next week, since we have no school on Monday. It will show not only homework but other important information as well. 
  • I’m seeing glasses in desks and backpacks. If your child has glasses that he/she should be wearing all day (minus recess & gym) please send me a quick email so that I can be sure they are wearing them. 
  • Grandparent’s/Grand-friend’s Day is Thursday, September 22. An RSVP form was sent home with the Oldest/Only child in this week’s White Envelope. Please return it so that the appropriate preparations can be made.