Second-2-None: Week of 9/12

This week, we finished talking about what is a disciple and listed ways that we can all be a disciple of Jesus. We distinguished between Apostles and disciples. In addition, we talked about the wonderful story of Pentecost. Next week, we will finish talking about Pentecost and begin to look at the Seven Sacraments. 

 In Language, we’ll finish our chapter about the rules for capitalization and punctuation next week. However, these will be used throughout the year, so we’ll really familiarize ourselves with them. We’ll have our first Grammar test next week, too. There’s nothing they need to study for this though. We’ll do all of that in school. In Phonics, we began our study of short vowel sounds. We’ll be working with this throughout next week as well. We’ve finished our second story in Reading, “Snowshoe Hare’s Winter Home” and described characters, setting, and found details provided in the story to support our ideas.  

 We will finish Chapter 1 of Math next week and take our test on Tuesday. Chapter 2 focuses on numbers to 1,000. There is no math homework on days we have a test.  

 In Science, we will start to talk about technology in our world and the design process. We’ll cover how technology isn’t just tablets and computers, but anything made to meet needs and solve problems, like a toothbrush or pump in a soap bottle. 

 Be sure to read the events/news below to see what’s happening! 

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  • A Children’s Bible was sent home. Please refer to the letter sent home with it for more information. 
  • There was a Google Form sent to parents regarding Grand Friends Day dismissal. Only one parent needs to respond. Please do so by Wednesday, September 21, so that we know where your child will go after the Mass and reception. If your child has a guest(s) coming, please make sure he/she knows who it is so they’re not wandering around at church.  
  • Next Friday, September 23rd, there is NO SCHOOL. Enjoy the three-day weekend! 
  • Have you marked your calendar for some important sacramental dates? First is the Parent Reconciliation Meeting on Thu, October 13, 7PM – 8PM. First Reconciliation is on Saturday, November 19, 1 PM – 3PM. First Communion is May 6, at either 11 AM or 1 PM, but there will be a parent meeting and retreat before the Sacrament.