Second-2-None: Week of October 24

In Religion, we learned about the Great Commandment. We’ve also looked closely at what each of the Ten Commandments means and discussed how the Ten Commandments relate to the Great Commandment. A copy of the Commandments has been sent home. Please start helping your child memorize all ten. They will be tested on the Ten Commandments in both written and oral form. Also, the Act of Contrition was sent home and that will have to be memorized. We will be saying that prayer at dismissal daily to help remember it.  

In Language, we introduced adjectives. So, now the class can classify the subject noun, verb, adverbs, and adjectives, with article adjectives coming up soon. We also study our vocabulary word “moist” closely. In Phonics, we are studying long vowels, which say their name. We finished our story “The House on Maple Street” today with the quiz. It was a wonderful story that spoke of the history of a location over the course of 300 years.  

We continued our study of basic addition facts and began to look more closely at basic subtraction facts in Math class. Please practice basic facts daily, even if it is just a couple of minutes. Repetition will help with the automaticity of answers. 

In Social Studies, we have looked at different types of communities, specifically rural, urban, and suburb. The class learned that there are 7 continents, and we even learned a song to help us remember the name of the continents. Ask your child to sing it for you!