Second-2-None: Weeks of 10/2 & 10/9

In Religion, we finished the chapter that covers Sacraments. We talked about how we praise and worship God in different ways. We began by briefly defining each Sacrament. Next, we will look more in depth at each. Of course, the heaviest concentration will be on the two Sacraments we will receive this year. We will begin with Reconciliation, so you’re your child is prepared by December. We will begin next week by taking a closer look at Baptism, and then lead into Reconciliation. Please take some time, if you can, to speak to your child about his/her Baptism. Show some pictures or special cards. Do you still have the baptismal outfit, candle, bib? Show your child these items. It makes our discussions so much more meaningful. In Second Step, we have been talking about the difference between an accident and on purpose. We practiced how to communicate with someone when we were not sure if it was an accident. We also had conversations about what does fair mean and how it looks throughout the school day.

We took our chapter 2 test and will move on to basic addition facts. Please practice some basic facts, 0 – 10, every day. So, at a red light, you review basic addition facts for 2. During dinner prep, you say the 3 and 5 facts. Do you walk to school? See how many your child can say in all.

Now that we took our Unit 2 test in science, we will be stepping back from science while we move on to Social Studies. The first unit is on communities, and we begin by talking about laws. We’ll also discover what a community is and what can be found in different communities. For map skills, the class will use a map key, with symbols, to find various buildings and streets.

We have begun to write our first narrative by following the steps in the writing process. We will proofread and edit, then publish, early this coming week. They will also have the opportunity to illustrate their narratives. Once finished with that, we will move on to writing our first opinion piece. The topic is “What My Teacher Should Be for Halloween.” They will have to give 3 reasons supporting their opinion. The final published pieces and pictures will be completed in time for Halloween.

We have been reading different stories using pictures to predict what we are reading. We have also answered questions about the story, finding evidence to back up our answers. We’ve answered questions in our book talk journals and learned new vocabulary during our reading. Our daily story in our Reader is helping our fluency. We are decoding -le, -ng words, as well as vowel pairs and adjectives ending in –y. We’ve also identified nouns and used adjectives to describe nouns.

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  • Please let me know as soon as possible if your child will not be receiving Reconciliation and/or Communion this year.
  • As it gets colder, please be sure your child is dressed warm enough to go outside at recess. We will do our best to be outdoors as much as possible, weather permitting.
  • Practice basic addition math facts daily!!! It really will give your child help in the coming weeks and months.
  • If you need to let me know about an early dismissal, absence, or other important information regarding your child, please email at rather than message me via ClassDojo. Thank you!