Second-2-None: Weeks of 2/12 & 2/19

In Religion, we continued to delve into the Mass. We looked at who is involved in the Mass and their roles. We also talked about the Introductory Rites, the beginning of Mass. Our next step is to look at the first main part of Mass: The Liturgy of the Word. 

In Math, we wrapped up our specific study of addition and subtraction, though we will continue to review it via Simple Solutions and the back side of homework, as well as in centers. We have moved on to our study of money. This can be quite tricky. Please have your child add up a handful of coins daily for review. It will help them get more comfortable identifying the coins and skip-counting the values of the coins. The most confusing are quarters and nickels. They often get mixed-up.

In Language Arts, we continue to practice various reading strategies. We’ve read our newest Superkids magazine; Go, Go, Go! It was a collection of articles about various things that go, from the progression of bicycles to teddy bears in space, to sharks and migrating butterflies. Through the various articles, we practiced sequencing, used new vocabulary words, used clues to identify the correct words in a sentence, and used a diagram to find information. We read and used words with silent letters in them, as well as built new words by changing a letter or two at a time. We’ve looked at how the ‘f’ sound can be made with ph and gh. Lastly, we’ve practiced using a dictionary and looking at all the information that can be gathered from a dictionary. 

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks learning about plants. We’ve discussed the needs of plants, as well as their life cycles. We’ve learned the various plant parts and created our own diagrams of a plant, labeling the parts and the jobs of each part. The Unit test will be on Wednesday, February 28. After the test, we will move back to Social Studies. 

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  • St. Cletus’ Spring Auction, which is on Saturday, April 27, is in full swing. So, mark your calendars and plan to join your fellow Cletus families (adults only) for a great night Cardinal Comedy Night 2024. 
  • Speaking of the auction, how’s the Laps for Laughs Walk-a-thon fundraising going? We’ve had several of our students get to spin the wheel on Wednesdays, after fundraising a certain amount. There are so many great prizes available to the kids!
  • We are celebrating Leap Year this Thursday, February 29, with a few special activities. The first is a GREEN dress down day for $1 on Thursday. The money will go to help out the costs of the spring play.
  • Don’t forget to purchase your tickets for the Father’s Fish Fry. It’s always such a fun event!
  • Join us in church for the Living Stations of the Cross on Thursday, February 29 at 2 PM.