Second-2-None: Weeks of April 8 & April 15

In Religion, we’ve wrapped up our study of the Mass. We’ll be reviewing the Mass, practicing how to receive Communion, and practicing a special song in the two weeks leading up to Communion. Soon, we will begin to practice for our May Crowning Mass. This Mass is on Monday, May 6, at 9:30 AM, and our Communicants will have a special part in it. More information will be sent home regarding First Communion and May Crowning.

Cursive is going well, but the children have to often be reminded of proper sitting. They should also be taking their time when writing in cursive. It’s a new skill, and it should take time and practice. We continue to learn various spelling patterns in Spelling/Phonics. In Grammar over the last few weeks, we’ve looked at adverbs and conjunctions. We’ve talked about how adding adverbs can really help our sentences. During writing, we are writing descriptive papers. We’ve finished writing alliterations. The class is reading a wonderful chapter book, “Detective Gordon: The First case.” It’s a wonderful story of two animal detectives on the hunt for a thief who stole the squirrel’s nuts. We’ll be wrapping up the story next week.

We’ve finished measurement in standard units. Now we are studying measuring in the metric system. Believe it or not, we are only 2 chapters away from the end of the text! All that is left is data and geometry.

The class really enjoys learning about plants and animals in their environments. We’ve learned about various adaptations of both. They were really intrigued by the Venus flytrap. The test will be next week, and then we move back to Social Studies. 

Things to Know

  • Your child’s First Communion banner is due next week. I have received a few already, and they are BEAUTIFUL! We will be hanging them up in the hallway for the school to enjoy, but they will be placed on your child’s pew for First Communion. Be sure to tell your family to look for it when they come to church.
  • Have you marked your calendars for Cardinal Comedy Night 2024? It’s next weekend! It’s always a great evening with fellow cardinals. You can preview the live items, raffles and more online. Here is the link.
  • There is no school on Friday, April 26. Enjoy the extended weekend.