Third Grade News and Up Coming Events



Religion: This week the school will attend a presentation of the Living Rosary on Monday by the 8th grade class.  The class will also be talking about the fact that Jesus died and rose to save us from our sins.  We will learn the meaning of these words: crucified, faith, Kingdom of God, and Bible.  The class will talk about the meaning behind stories like the “Mustard Seed and The Crucification of Jesus”, 

Reading:  We will be working with the story “Thunder Cakes” this week.  The story is about a little girl visiting her grandmother and learning to over come her fear of thunder storms.  As we read the story the students will use temporal words to put events in sequential order.  Our vocabulary words from the story are overcome, horizon,

Spelling:  Our words this week will focus on words that have the LONG I sound.  The long I sound will be spelled with either an I that is alone in the word such as find and kind or LONG I spelled -igh as in the words light and high.

Phonics: We begin the third chapter in our Phonics curriculum.  This week the students will review these concepts:  compound words, the number of vowels in a word is the same as the number of syllables, and practice identifying initial consonant blends.

Math:  The class will be start the third chapter in our Math Series.  This chapter introduces the students to Multiplication facts and the vocabulary that they will begin to understand.  Our chapter vocabulary words are equal groups, multiply, array, factors, product, commutative property of multiplication, identity property of multiplication and zero property of multiplication.  I highly encourage you to purchase or make multiplication flash cards to use with your child to help them to memorize their facts.

Social Studies:  This week we start the first unit in our Social Studies curriculum.  The first unit has us learning about different communities in our country.  The students will learn about communities in El Paso, Texas, Astoria, Oregon, Wilmington, SC, and several other.  Our vocabulary words for the unit are:  community, geography,

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Up Coming Events~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Friday October 29th:  November Poems, Prayer and Instructions for the Changes in Technology Projects were sent home with the students in their homework folders.

Monday November 1st:  All Souls Day.  The School will be attending 9:30 Mass in observance of All Saints Day.

Tuesday November 2nd:  8:00am Mass attendance as a school.  School doors open at 7:45 PLEASE be on time so that we can walk over to school as a class.

Monday November 15th:  Students will recite November Prayer

Monday November 22nd:  Students will present their poems to the class.

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My name is Lisa Gearen. I started teaching at St. Cletus in 2003. I taught first grade for 14 years and now teach 3rd. I have a bachelors degree in Communication and a Masters in Elementary Education. I received both degrees from Concordia University. I also have an associates degree in Early Childhood Education as well as being a Certified Catechist.