Third Grade News and Up Coming Events


Religion:  This week we will be starting our GROWING WITH GOD curriculum on Friday February 25th.  During this class the students will talk about the fact that God Created Us, Setting Appropriate Boundaries, Friendship and Bullying, Safety Awareness, Digital Discipleship, and My Sacred Self.  A letter was sent home last week explaining the course and listing the dates for these lessons .  The letter also gave you the chance to opt out of the class.  If you choose to opt out your child will be placed in one of the fourth grade class rooms to work on their iReady Path until we are done with each session.

Reading:  We will continue reading our Historic Fiction book “The Year of Miss Agnes” in class and answering questions centered around the story.  As we are reading the story the students are learning about an Alaskan Village where all the students are in one room.  They are hearing about students their age having to leave school in order to help their families find and store food.  We learned that houses were built half underground to help keep the heat in.  We will continue to learn more about the lives of the people in this town as we continue to read.  After we read two chapters, the students are assigned questions to answer with COMPLETE sentences directly from the book.  The students are able to work on the questions at home during the week as well.  “The Year of Miss Agnes” is attached to a link in GOOGLE CLASSROOM on the STREAM tab.  If your child does not complete the questions by the end of the week I will let you know so that they can work on them at home as well.  Thank you in advance for your help.

Spelling:  Our words this week were sent home on Friday due to the LONG weekend.  Our words this week have the o sound spelled aw.   Homework this week will be on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Friday the students will take the spelling list and standardized test.

Phonics: We will spend time in class practicing and reviewing the rules for dropping the silent -e at the end of a word to add a suffix.

Writing:  The students have been writing stories about themselves using Google Docs.  The first part of writing about themselves had the students filling out an outline asking for their birthdays, city they live in, how many siblings they have, favorite color and other useful information.  Along with this key information they added little details about each.  As they are writing their stories this week they may be asked to work on it at home.

Math: We will be starting a chapter about division this week.   Please look for the Chapter 6 book to come home on Tuesday.  Last I started 5 minute timed math test to help the students improved their speed and enhance their knowledge of the multiplication facts.  Please continue to practice the facts at home as well.  Flash cards are HIGHLY recommended.  They are very easy to make using index cards.

Social Studies:  This week the class will return to our Social Studies curriculum.  We will begin learning about the reasons people move from one place to another.  As we read this chapter the students will learn about Jane Adams, Mary Antin, and Langston Hughs.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UP COMING EVENTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Monday February 21st:  NO SCHOOL!!

Tuesday February 22nd:  All School Mass at 8:00.  PLEASE be on time.  Spelling and Math homework tonight.

Wednesday February 23rd: Spelling and Math homework due today.

Thursday February 24th:  Dining for dollars at Kenny’s.  Spelling homework.  PLEASE practice poems tonight.

Friday February 25th:  Poems will be recited today ONLY!

Monday February 28th:  Historic Book Reports are Due today.  Presentations will go on all week.  PLEASE be sure your child can explain their diorama.


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