Van Wyck Sept 10th

Hello Seventh Grade Families!

Thank you for returning raffles, mums orders, and dance permission slips!

(IMPORTANT) I sent an email out about Commitment Ceremony Mass at St Cletus on Oct 20th, 2022 at 7:00pm. This is mandatory. If for some reason you cannot make it please reach out to the Religious Education Director Larry Manetti at

At this ceremony, there will be uplifting music and information will be shared about making your Confirmation.

In math this week, we had a GoMath Quiz to complete Mod One and a Simple Solutions quiz on lessons 1-9. We are working on Module 2 now – multiplying/dividing positive and negative integers. We are also responsible for passing two individualized lessons in i-ready each week. Students have a September packet with about 70 add/subtraction of positive and negative integers that is due September 16th–it is very important students complete this WITHOUT a calculator. KEEP PRACTICING these for speed and accuracy….KEEP PRACTICING these for foundations to solve more complex problems….KEEP PRACTICING these because you will need to be proficient in these operations to do well in Algebra next year!

The October packet will be mult/div of pos/neg integers…so if your student seems good on addition/subtraction move to practicing multiplication! Those basic facts need to be fluent and accurate now for more complex math solutions.

In religion, we moved into Chapter One God’s Revelation. We will begin with the Old Testament Creation (Genesis). This is my favorite Bible passage so I am excited to read it with the students. We will be representing at 8am mass this week–thank you Amy, Eva, Estaban, and Moira for volunteeering to do readings at mass. Elin and Lucas will be servers and Alexis and Brianna will be gift bearers. We will be participating in about one mass per month so I am hoping to get lots of volunteers this year to read etc.

We also attended a pep rally with our Preschool buddies supporting Positive Behavior in Schools! This school wide initiative is a great way to not only support good behavior…but promote RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL, AND COMPASSIONATE Cardinals.

Monday is another dress down day–Red, White and Blue in prayerful remembrance of September 11th.

Dance Slips are due by Wednesday next week.

Mums orders are due by Friday next week.

If there are any questions/concerns–please reach out to me at

Mrs Van Wyck