Van wyck week of 10/11

A couple of reminders…

1) Catholic High School Night tonight at St John of the Cross.
2) PBIS assembly 10/12 ~2pm
3) Field Trip — Holy Fire 10/14 Bus leaves at 7:15am and gets back around 4:30pm.
4) 10/20 – Commitment Ceremony @7pm

Math: We will be taking a quiz on the final module in Unit one –rational numbers. Similar concepts in module two but the focus is on rational number operations (with fractions and decimals). Please continue to practice add/subt with pos/negative numbers! Please continue to practice those multiplication tables if you are struggling! My daughter in third grade wrote out her multiplication tables and made flash cards this weekend. She is responsible to know zero through five which she learned in a weekend. PLEASE take the time to learn them now! We will be having a unit test next week encompassing everything we’ve learned about real numbers.

Religion: We continue each week with a new chapter in Sadlier. This week we will focus on answering God’s promise just like ABRAHAM and MARY. We will read out of our Bible– Abraham’s story (we are still in Genesis, now Chapter 11). We will do a decade of the rosary every day as October is the month of the roasry.

If you have any questions–please do not hesitate to contact me at